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Welcome to Peter Locascio Art!

My works is a culmination of many years of spiritual searching. My painting is more or less a record of where I am in that search. Ideas for paintings start as minor thoughts and develop into full ideas when they are painted. I do work from simple drawings but the finished painting ends up being much more elaborate then the drawing. My process is visceral in nature and the quality and heaviness of the paint is something worth struggling with during the process.

My work is primitive looking because I was originally self taught. My work shows the passion with which I see things and I would not paint if I could not express the passion of living in my work. The work is unique because it is a true reflection of my inner world. Primitive influences from Aboriginal art, Art Brut and Haitian art can be seen in my work. I have always naturally gravitated towards these styles since there is a strong spiritual tradition reflected in them.

I feel Chicago is a spiritual home for me and accepts and welcomes the type of painting that I do. I grew up in a small town in the Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut which is known for the number of artists living there. Alexander Calder lived two towns over and some of his large constructions were fabricated at the local iron works in my home town. Some of Calder’s small mobiles ended up at our local museum. As a child I was fascinated by the magic in them. I knew then that I would like to be involved in making art. That child still speaks in the art I am making today.